By vs Until Example Sentences

Mom giving a quick pep talk to her daughter.

How do you use “by” and “until”? Here are some example sentences to help you understand the difference between them and which situations to use each word.

By vs until Manga Alex, how long are you planning on reading your manga? Umm... until dinner. Don't you have homework? Yeah, but I just need to do it by the end of the week. ...Alex... Today's Sunday. Tee-hee!
By "By" の例文はこんな感じ。注:英語部分は左から右へ読んでね! 1. I need to finish translating this by Friday... and I have 300 pages left!! 2. Bye, Mom! I'm going to the park! Okay! Be home by 6 o'clock! 3. I'm going to be a Tomato Sommelier by the time I graduate high school! You go girl! 4. We can still eat this meat. Expiration date: Feb 19th No, we can't! It says we had to eat it by the 19th!!
Example sentences using “by.”
Example sentences of "until" 1. Sorry! I can't go this weekend. I'll be in Osaka until Monday. 2. Aaarghh!!! This is SO hard!! I know. But you can do it. Keep trying till you can. Pat pat. 3. Next, stir the water until it boils. Got it! 4. We laughed until our stomachs hurt.
Example sentences using “until.”
until "not"編 1. (at school) Don't touch your tests until I say "start!" 2. I couldn't ride a bicycle until I was 8. Really!? 3. You shouldn't text her again until she responds, Alex. 4. We didn't become friends until 5th grade!
Example negative sentences using “until.”
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