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Yumi Tanaka grew up in New Jersey, USA (4 years old – 14 years old) and Bangkok, Thailand (14 years old – 18 years old).

In New Jersey, she attended American schools (and was consistently in the G.A.T.E. program) on weekdays. On Saturdays, she went to Japanese school which she loathed because she had to miss out on all the birthday parties to study kanji.

In Bangkok, she attended the Japanese school there for two years, later transferring to an international school for high school where she graduated early and also met her husband (although they would never have guessed it at the time).

She came “back” to Japan as a returnee (or kikokushijo) for college where she attended Chiba University (Faculty of Letters) and started her journey of integrating her Japanese side with her Western side. She is a native speaker of both English and Japanese, although English is her dominant language. Japenglish is actually her favorite, but not many people speak that.

She attributes her Japanese skills to her love of manga and her relentless Tiger Dad.


Translator (J→E/from 2017) mainly for manga and online content thus far, but is open to branching out for any projects that resonate with her.

Translations include:

The Duchess Of Rosia -A Contract Marriage? How Did This Happen!?-
A reader favorite with a 4.8-star review with currently 156 reviews on the site. This is one of the rare mangas I have translated that actually has a printed version.

This Boy in Class
The cutest, sweetest high school love story I have ever read and had the privilege to translate.

Spring Snow Doesn’t Melt
A bittersweet love story about loss.

Gentlecats (from episode 7)
A cute romantic LGBTQ fantasy with cat people and humans. There are tons of characters and substories. I can’t take credit for the first six episodes as this was passed onto me.

I have translated hundreds of series and usually have about 30 or so ongoing at a time.

Feedback from editors

“You’re a really gifted translator. You’re able to really nicely tow that line between accuracy and making the content sound natural.” – A

“I probably sound like a broken record at this point, but seriously, no major edits as usual. Thank you for making this series such a breeze to check.” – B

“Holy moly, excellent job on this chapter! Got to the very end and saved the File, and when I looked back, I realized I didn’t need to make any changes whatsoever. Labeling was perfect, dialogue sounded great, SFX all good.” – C

“This was utterly amazing!! Everything flowed beautifully, it was well localized, it all read very naturally… Pretty much perfect! I tweaked very little, and most of the time, if I changed something, it was to one of your other suggestions.” – D

Original manga

In case you landed on this page… all of my original manga/graphic-novel-style stories are on this blog.

Yumi finding cute socks.

If you’d like to take a peek, I suggest you start with my (and my readers’) current favorite:

Other favorites include:
Peanut Butter
The Apple Doesn’t Fall Too Far From the Tree

Easy English Manga とは?



  • 絵もあって、読みやすい
  • 会話が多いから、状況に応じたフレーズや、
  • 短めなエピソードが多いから、
  • スキマ時間に読める♪

Easy English Manga の特徴

  • ナチュラル
  • 文法やスペルが合ってる
  • 大人にとっても面白い!(といいな…)
  • 学習者が参考に出来る英語を意図的に入れてる
  • 学習者がつまずきそうな英語を


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Easy English Manga

Easy English Manga

English manga written in simple English for non-native speakers 🙂 

Easy English Manga 日本語解説

Easy English Manga 日本語解説