Into the Woods タイにあったハリーポッターカフェ(非公式)

into the woods cover


So… I went to this super cute cafe in Chiang Mai called Into the Woods this summer. It’s basically a cafe with a Harry Potter/fairy tale theme.

かわいいチェンマイカフェwifi あり

The walls were painted beautifully (the boy is Joji, my son in my mangas).


This white door on the left ↓leads you to the bathroom. It felt like I was walking into Narnia! The bathroom had a mirror like the one from Snow White.


There was a Harry Potter corner… so cute!

into the woods cover

Remember to obey the “Witch’s house rules”!

witch's house rules

Remember the “Room of Requirement”(必要の部屋)in Harry Potter??

ハリーポッターカフェ チェンマイ

You can read books there, too. Just don’t steal (lol)!

読書カフェ チェンマイ

And there’s the rabbit from Alice in Wonderland!


The menu was adorable… I love cute, creative names like this!

Into the Woods menu

And interesting food… although my daughter told me they have this sponge cake in Harajuku (do they?? I have no idea). Also, I’ll be honest. The food was okay. My kids liked the french fries and chicken nuggets. If I go back again, it will be for the ambience(雰囲気) and WiFi.


“A cafe where magic does exist, and every dream can come true.” Who could say no to that!?

Into the Woods チェンマイかわいいおとぎ話カフェ

If you’re ever in Chiang Mai, and you’re a Harry Potter/fairy tale fan, you should go check it out!

Into the Woods


Hope you had a nice day 🙂


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